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I love you to the moon and BRRRRAPPPP

One of the first bonding experiences that we had that we both really connected to. We still say this regularly.

Every night when I would put Chicken to bed, I would tell her that I loved her to the moon and back. Pretty

normal. I'm sure some of you say that (or something like that) to your kids from time to time. Some days I would just get a "good night" in return. On a really good day, I would get a muttered: "love you". This one night as we were going through the usual routine, I had to burp. Now you need to understand that I don't burp like a lady. No little behind-your-hand cute little burp happens here. Basically, it is legendary; a gift, and a curse. Well, this night just as I was telling her I loved her, the burp jumped out. Full force. So it came out I love you to the moon and BRRRAAPPPPP. I started laughing. Then she started laughing. We giggled for a good ten minutes. Every time we caught the other's eye, we started again Once we caught our breath, I was walking out of the room and she said, "I love you too, mom, good night" with a smile. A real one!!

It was something I will never forget. It was a connection. It was a moment between the two of us that made a memory. It was a small thing that still resonates. It became like an inside joke. Something just between us. Something that became special because it was genuine and ours. Find some small thing that can be that for you. Look for the little things that make a connection. It truly can be anything. In our case, it was an ill-timed burp. For you, it could be a quote from a book, a song lyric, a silly joke. The point is to just look for some small thing that can be a big thing. It will appear if you look.

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